Catherine Pineau  Ceramic Sculpture

My very early years were spent in France but I lived in Algeria from the age of 6 to 15 before returning to the country of my birth. We moved house often and that meant many farewells. However, I learned to adjust time and again to a new environment and make new friends. This is why I sometimes see myself like these vases: bits and pieces stuck one upon another, a kind of patchwork. Looking back, I believe I was touched by many different things and perhaps that explains my fascination for different worlds. This in turn may be the source of my conviction that wealth is to be found in diversity.

I have lived in the Netherlands since 1984 and have put down roots here. Soon after arriving I started to experiment with clay, taking lessons and I subsequently followed a course in ceramic techniques at the SBB in Gouda. There is so much to discover in this art form, I am continually finding new aspects to study.

Ceramics as a life’s journey.